Heavy Duty Deckin’ Block



Our engineered decking block was designed as a simple but highly effective, stable solution to DIY decking.

These Heavy Duty Decking Blocks are perfect for larger projects such as Hot Tubs and Garden Buildings. They make building a deck fast and easy.

We have incorporated drainage channels to protect the timber joists, a strong footprint for complete stability and cast in high strength concrete to give weight, the integral part of any foundation.

Colour: Portland Grey

PLEASE NOTE – Variation in both size and colour may occur during the curing process.

4 way recess to take standard 4″ x 2″ timber supports.

Centre recess to take a 4″ riser post.

To work out how many blocks you need, see our Deckin’ Block Calculator below.

Download Datasheet (720.9 KB)




Weight is the most fundamental requirement of any support system – our PATENTED, ENGINEERED CONCRETE DECKING BLOCK is the only long term, simple solution to decking available

Ideal for larger Garden Buildings, Hot Tubs & Large Decking Projects

Height: 155mm

Width: 290mm

Weight: 18.5kg

As a guide to the Qty per Pallet, we are able to put 60 Heavy Duty Decking Blocks on a 1 tonne Pallet (1000kg)

Deckin Block Calculator

Use our Deckin' Block Calculator to work out how many blocks you need.

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