Decking Blocks

A simple but highly effective solution to DIY decking.

Creating your new decking area is easy –

  1. Lay out  your Decking Blocks at 850mm / 900mm centres, to form a grid.
  2. Mark around each block using line spray or lawn edger, set them to one side.
  3. Remove grass and weeds to approximately 75mm / 50mm depth and fill each shallow hole with a dry 4:1 ratio cement mix (4 Sand & 1 Cement) or post mix
  4. Re-position Decking Blocks on prepared cement mix, Setting your first block as your datum at the highest point of the ground (If ground is uneven) level each block starting from of your datum block using a spirit level or straight edge once all Decking blocks are level lightly sprinkle water over each block and allow the cement based material to set.

Please note – Due to the pallet delivery process we are unable to accept returns of concrete products. Please do ensure you study our product fully and ensure both the correct style and size are ordered either by you or your builder.

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